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Five Critical Redesigns for your Flip

House remodeling is more about deciding where to spend your budget than the details of every little DIY project. These decisions typically rely on your final vision; once you transform a shabby little house, what audience do you want your new project to speak to? Center Street Lending wants to you be successful in your fix […]

Tarek_and_Christina_-_Flip_or_Flop Center Street Lending Blog Post

How Accurate Are Television House Flipping Shows?

Flipping homes has skyrocketed in popularity since the arrival of “fixer upper” genre shows on TV like Flip or Flop. But there is so much more to flipping houses than what you see on reality TV. A barrage of bureaucratic details and design setbacks calculate the time and energy spent on house flipping. These headaches and arguments rarely make it […]

center street lending Colorful Space

Attract Buyers like Butterflies with a Colorful Outdoor Space

Many properties that buyers find have terribly neglected backyard spaces. Whether filled with dead grass, scattered debris, or a mess of weeds and overgrowth, outdoor spaces often overwhelm renovators.  But improving the outside space is just as important as the work you put into the inside space. It’s a potential buyer’s first impression and often a […]

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