What’s your first impression of a property? In this industry, impressions are guided by staging. This inexpensive yet essential process makes your home attractive in the eyes of potential buyers.

In 2015, the National Association of Realtors created the “Profile of Home Staging” report.  This study tested the efficacy of the home staging process. It’s so influential that 96% of realtors believe that home staging affects at least some buyers. Specifically, 49% reported most buyers are affected. Of these realtors, 81% said buyers can more easily see a staged home as their future home than an unstaged home. What the report shows is that 37% of the realtors who represent sellers, say staging increases the value of the home from 1% to 5%. Some realtors reported even higher percentages, as much as 20%.

So, how can you best stage your home?

Staging is the process of creating an ambiance that appeals to a general  audience.  By eliminating clutter and making the place feel livable, potential buyers will envision themselves at home in your space. This balance comes through when you stage a space that is tidy yet comfortable. If you can make it impersonal, with the buyer instead of the seller in mind, buyers will see themselves in the space. It is neutral but designed thoughtfully enough to stand out from the competition. Every detail of the house needs to be considered, from the bathroom to the outdoor space. Additionally, every season demands its own focus; the summer is a prime time to stage front entryways and backyards. There’s nothing like curb appeal!

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