Many properties that buyers find have terribly neglected backyard spaces. Whether filled with dead grass, scattered debris, or a mess of weeds and overgrowth, outdoor spaces often overwhelm renovators.  But improving the outside space is just as important as the work you put into the inside space. It’s a potential buyer’s first impression and often a highly anticipated asset of a new home.

As Center Street Leaders examined in Landscaping Can Deliver Huge ROI For Flippers, real Estate developers can significantly increase their ROI through responsible outdoor renovation choices. In fact, a recent study by suggests that thoughtful landscaping, and adding outdoor perks like seating spaces and fireplaces, can attest to as much as 150% ROI.

Sprucing up the outdoor space requires commitment; but if you’re ready for a few hours of sweaty labor you’ll be rewarded with a charming natural space.

The easiest way to add this charm is through the use of color. Here are a few simple ways to do so.


Colorful Pots


You don’t have to be a landscape architect to create a colorful garden. Pair eye-catching foliage, such as succulents with strong shapes and luscious (low-maintenance) flowers. Find containers in vibrant yellow, blue, violet, and orange tones to complement the greenery.


Repurposing industrial pieces is an excellent way to add a striking modern yet playful aesthetic.



Gathering Table
Add depth to a small space by adding plants between man-made design. The most important factor when layering your landscape is scale. Use plants that are the correct size so they will still fit as they grow. Create visual interest by alternating the sizes; a short, squat shrub will accentuate the features of a line of narrow trees.
Just Enough
Use plenty of plants so that your landscape won’t look scarce, but don’t risk overdoing it. If you don’t have a small team to help with upkeep, stick with simple perennials and colorful pots.
What if I don’t want to garden?
Flowers provide great color, but they’re not the only way to spruce up your backyard space. Another option is utilizing the walls and fences. Adding color accents or painting these large backdrops.
Grand Designs Melbourne
In the example above, grey, white, green, and black act as a palette, emphasized by the vibrant burnt orange. The pattern of the pillows matches the texture of the wall, enhancing the cozy area’s allure.
It’s important to find the right color scheme that communicates with your overall renovation. Too neutral, and you risk lack of “wow” factor. Too intricate, and you lose time and money finding the perfect plants, decor, and details.
Find harmony in your backyard by adding color. Don’t fear getting hands-on in the design; because a beautiful garden indicates a beautiful home.
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