The Center Street Lending team has financed over $500 million dollars of investment properties for residential investors from coast to coast. Offering attractive loan programs, rapid funding, and exceptional customer service, Center Street Lending has become the preferred lender for hundreds of investors who rehab and resell properties across the United States. We are a BBB accredited business and currently offer loan programs in AZ, CA, CO, FL, MD, NC, OR*, TX, UT, VA and WA.

How have we grown to be one of the largest lenders for residential investors? Simple, we’re highly specialized in what we do and strive to provide superior customer service to our residential investor customers.  Our team of seasoned professionals focuses on the unique needs of each of our customers with the goal to exceed expectations.

Keep up with this blog to stay abreast of the latest trends in home flipping in the various markets we serve.  We share our insights into the dynamics of each of our markets and trends that affect residential investors.

Center Street Lending offers affordably priced loans without hidden fees and next day funding. Our pricing is dependent on a borrower’s loan volume, quality of collateral property improvements and timeliness of paymentsWe also offer flexible underwriting. If you are a real estate investor, we welcome the opportunity to launch your next investment purchase and to become your preferred lender.

Borrowing is a great option for investors. With our loans, investors can utilize this money to finance residential real estate investment purchases. Investors can leverage this money into purchasing more properties, which then grows the potential for further profit.

Here are some FAQ’s.

Where does Center Street Lending operate?
Coming soon nationwide, loan programs are currently available in Arizona, California, Washington, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, Oregon, and Georgia. Call 800-208-1803 for the latest availability.

Does Center Street Lending have pre-payment penalties?
No, the minimum interest charge is 30 days, regardless of when the loan is repaid.

What loan products are specialties?
Center Street Lending specializes in financing investor rehab properties or other discounted sales where the borrower is purchasing a property at a steep discount to market, renovate, and resells the property for a profit within six months.

Can I hold title in a corporation, LLC or Trust?
Yes, but personal guarantees from the entity’s principals are required.

Do I have to prequalify for every loan?
No, we perform our borrower underwriting for the first loan and periodically thereafter.

Will you roll the costs of the loan into the loan?

How do I pre-qualify for a loan?
Go to this link and submit your pre-qualification form

If I already own a property and want to improve it for resale, will you finance it?
Yes, if you do not reside in the property.

What are your lending minimums and limits?
$50,000 and up

Do you offer 100% financing for properties if I find a really good deal?
No, no matter how good the deal, our borrowers must provide at least a 20% cash down payment. See our Loan Programs.

*Loans must be originated by an OR licensed broker.